Discover a new Bay of Ilha Grande

The Bay of Ilha Grande (BIG) is a place of great natural beauty and an internationally known tourist destination. Its beaches, islands, forests and architectural complex compose a landscape of special charm. The municipalities of Angra dos Reis and Paraty, located on the southern coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are part of this region. Approximately 72% of this territory, which is considered as an Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is protected by conservation units.

Our proposal is to lead you through an experience by the BIG seas, starting from new paths, capable of connecting you to local meanings and values. Along the way, we will come across stories, ways of being and doing, colors, flavors, textures of this special place on the planet. Sailing, paddling, bird watching, diving, trying delicious dishes and interacting with the local routine will be the basic elements of our journey.



Bocaina Cure Tour

São José Ranch is in the middle of the Serra da Bocaina Mountain Range, in Paraty. Mr. José Ferreira, farmer, son of a native healer and man of great knowledge, develops an agroforestry system of cultivation in his lands.


Caiçara Experience

Associated with natural beauty, Ilha Grande preserves unique ways of being and doing. This tour allows the traveler a special opportunity to interact with some elements of caiçara’s life.


Eating, drinking, chatting while floating

Until very recently, a large part of the food consumed in the island was produced locally, by the populations of the Bay of Ilha Grande. These fresh goods made up original recipes in the caiçara family meals.



Articles, curiosities and other ways!


Castelhanos Lighthouse – beauty and melancholy

You can usually see lighthouses in remote places of astonishing natural beauty. It is the stuff that inspires novels and masterpieces alike, for the symbolic force of its beacon light making paths safe for sailors at night.


Ilha Grande’s dashico, a rare spice.

The story of the Japanese in Ilha Grande is told in the Outros Caminhos (Other pathways) project. Visitors even get to try the Ilha Grande dashico, a rare spice nowadays, during the soup and broth tasting in some of our itineraries.

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Trap net subject of FIPERJ publication

Of all the paths we have crossed in our experience, the trap net is one of the most remarkable ones. The technique, introduced by Japanese immigrants in the early 20th century, is still used by many coastal families who live in Ilha Grande Bay.