The Mountain Range and the Sea

São José Ranch and Navigation

Paraty is full of villages and stories scattered by the mountains and the sea. In this three-day tour, we have combined an experience in the Serra da Bocaina mountain range with navigation in the seas of the Bay of Ilha Grande.

We set off by going up the mountain range, in the direction of São José’s Ranch, located amid Serra da Bocaina Mountain Range. Mr. José Ferreira, farmer, son of a native healer and man of great knowledge, develops an agroforestry system of cultivation in his lands. The experience in the ranch is rich in peace and simplicity – waterfall baths, harvesting of food for dinner, interaction in agroecological activities or processing of goods, natural meals slowly prepared with firewood, conversations filled with Mr. Zé’s wisdom while we drink a herbal tea from the forest, moments of silence to feel the force of Bocaina’s nature.

On the second day, we board a sailboat at Tarituba. We continue along the coast, stopping for dives and touring villages. We visit centenary churches such as São Pedro and São Paulo in Ilha do Araújo and Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Corumbe. We get to see how essential traits of caiçara culture originate from popular Catholicism. We finish the afternoon tasting an original cachaça from Paraty in its own still and have dinner in the historical center.

On the third day, we continue our journey towards Saco do Mamanguá, the only Brazilian fjord.

Duration: 3 days

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