Eating, drinking, chatting while floating

The flavors of the Bay of Ilha Grande

Until very recently, a large part of the food consumed in the island was produced locally, by the populations of the Bay of Ilha Grande. These fresh goods made up original recipes in the caiçara family meals. In the 1930s, immigrants of Japanese origin began to arrive in the region, introducing new dishes and ingredients. From the fish porridge prepared with homemade yucca flour and the cornmeal with the corn from the country, were also added the soup was seasoned with sardines (missoshiru) and bamboo shoot (takenoko).

Today, scallops, characteristic mollusk of the region, whose Geographic Identification (GI) is being pleaded with the INPI and the honey of native bees without sting – precious gems of unique flavor stand out in the local cuisine.

Experiencing the ways of catching fish (the floating trap nets, the marine farms, the craftwork shellfish), observing the slow and continuous work in the beekeeping area, the traditional production of yucca flour are some of the moments of the journey.

Duration: 2 days

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