Farms in the Sea

The mariculture in Ilha Grande

Fishing has always played an important role in Ilha Grande Bay, being developed in the most diverse modalities. In the 1990s, mariculture gained momentum in the region due to the cultivation of mussels. Currently, the most important ones are the cultivation of scallops (Nodipecten nodosus) and the breeding of bijupirá (Rachycentrnon canadum). The quality of the products attracts the attention of the gastronomy market and renowned chefs visit the region, curious to know the places of origin of the fish and the mollusk.

Unlike the international standards, based on large farms, the mariculture in Ilha Grande is structured in small modules. This model allows the distribution of opportunities among several families and results in the decentralization of the organic load generated by the animals.

To get to know Ilha Grande’s experience, we visit the Bananal Cove farms and Ranch Forte farms and share some of the daily management of the cultivation and breeding. Then, we set off for tasting the food. We still set some time aside for beach and diving.

Duration: 6 hours

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