Navigation around Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande has about 193 km², filled with forests, beaches and dozens of small villages. Choosing one place is a hard task in face of so much richness and appeal. In this tour, we sail around Ilha Grande on a sailboat, with lodging on board. The panoramic view of the path adds to the experiences at selected sites. There are approximately three days of integration with the sea and experience with the local culture.

On the first day, the stop is at the Castelhanos Lighthouse. We land at the Castelhanos beach and from there we go on an approximately fifty-minute trek. Along the way, in the dense forest, the lighthouse and a stunning view of the sea suddenly appear. The architecture of the Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful ones. While we take our shoes off to go up the long stairs, the lighthouse keeper explains its history and operation. We also end up hearing about the isolated daily life of the lighthouse. We end the afternoon in Parnaioca, the quietest and most isolated village of the whole Island.

On the second day, we sail very close to the beaches, enjoying the view and stopping for a guided float in the coast of the Ponta dos Micos and follow the net pull of Mr. Almir’s floating trap nets. We continue our trip to Bananal Cove for a special dinner and overnight stay.

On the third day, to finish the journey, we get to know the scallop cultivation and fish breeding of Costa Verde Mariculture Farm.

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