Bocaina Cure Tour

São José Agroforestry Ranch

São José Ranch is in the middle of the Serra da Bocaina Mountain Range, in Paraty. Mr. José Ferreira, farmer, son of a native healer and man of great knowledge, develops an agroforestry system of cultivation in his lands.

The tour begins in the Sertão do Taquari (Backlands of Taquari), with an approximately one-hour trek to the ranch. The trek along the waterfall, surrounded by the forest, triggers a cleansing and detoxification process in each one of us.

The experience in the ranch is rich in peace and simplicity – waterfall baths, harvesting of food for dinner, interaction in agroecological activities or processing of goods, natural meals slowly prepared with firewood, conversations filled with Mr. Zé’s wisdom while we drink a herbal tea from the forest, moments of silence to feel the force of Bocaina’s nature.

The next day, we move through lighter paths, with broadened horizons and a glimpse that another life is truly possible.

Duration: 8 hours.

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The meals are all vegetarian.
The interaction in the activities of the ranch will depend on the season.
There are products produced in the ranch – various flours, jams, preserves. Take cash if you want to buy some item.

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