Caiçara Experience

The floating trap nets and the caiçara carpentry

Associated with natural beauty, Ilha Grande preserves unique ways of being and doing. This tour allows the traveler a special opportunity to interact with some elements of caiçara’s life.

We start at the crack of dawn, sailing through sunrise for a visit to Mr. Almir’s floating trap nets. The fixed floating trap net is a fishing technique introduced by Japanese immigrants in the south coast of Brazil and adopted by the caiçaras. By its selective method, only fish of commercial size and value are captured. The rest is freed alive. It is therefore considered a sustainable technique.

We land at the ranch and wait for the fishermen to arrive. We follow the entire fish removal process. On the way back to the beach, we share a caiçara coffee, our impressions and a chat with the workers.

We continue to Praia da Longa (Long Beach), where we get to know a little of the boats and local canoes carpentry and enjoy the tranquility of the small village. At lunch, we try some of the freshly caught fish from the morning of fishing.

Duration (approximately): 6 hours

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